IntegralUI for Blazor

Advanced UI Components

Current Version
IntegralUI for Blazor is a library of advanced, customizable and high performance components that can help you in building modern web applications.

18 June 2024version 24.1

What's included
  • Button - Represents a button
  • ButtonGroup - Manages actions of multiple buttons arranged in group
  • Card - A flip card with two sides
  • CheckBox - Represents a check box
  • ContextMenu - Represents a multi-level shortcut menu
  • DropDown - Shows other components in a dropdown window
  • ListBox - Displays a collection of items with content in custom layouts
  • ListView - Displays a collection of items using several different views
  • Menu - Allows you to create static or dynamic menus
  • PopOver - Displays custom HTML content over specified element
  • RadioButton - Represents a radio button
  • Select - Allows you to select an item from a dropdown list
  • Tooltip - Adds a tooltip to an element
  • TreeList - Allows you to navigate through tree hierarchy showing only one list at a time
  • TreeView - Displays hierarchical data structures
  • Roadmap 2024 - 2025
    • New components:
      • Common: Calendar, DatePicker, Panel, ProgressBar, Slider and others
      • Data: Grid, PivotGrid and TreeGrid
      • Layout: Dialog, SideBar, SidePanel, SplitContainer and Window
      • Navigation: TabStrip
      • Utility: Toolbar
    • Tabbed Windpws
    • New themes: Material, Shadow, Translucent


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