Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI Web

Native Angular and AngularJS UI Components

June 19, 201818.2

IntegralUI Web is a library built on top of Angular framework. It consists of 30+ user interface components, directives and services that can help you build modern web applications.

What's New

  • New themes: Office 360, Windows 10, Bootstrap, Blue, Red, Green, Dark
  • Each group in Grid component can have a different appearance
  • Create groups that display summary, average values or any result using custom aggregation functions
  • Reorder tabs in TabStrip component with smooth drag and drop
  • Option to set component size on demand from code
  • Hover events for column, row, cell and items are now available
  • Option to hide expand box in Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Option to apply inline styles on demand to items in ListBox, ListView and TreeView
  • Each item in Menu and ContextMenu can have custom inline style, separatelly from other items
  • New samples
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Rating component when included in Grid cells no longer causes flickering
  • Changes to the controlStyle property of DropDown Button are now applied correctly
  • The text outside ComboBox header is now hidden
  • MouseWheel operation in ComboBox no longer bubbles up in parent elements
  • Frame directlive now correctly resizes the attached element when element has a border
  • Fixed the issue that caused columnClick event to fire when column resize finishes
  • Fixed the issue that allowed groups in Grid component to become dragged
  • Fixed the issue that caused drop mark to remain visible in TreeView component, after item is dropped
  • Hovering is now disabled when row or item is dragged
  • Fixed the issue that caused incorrect functionalty of loadData method when flat parameter is not provided
  • Opening of context menu no longer causes window to scroll
  • The Splitter size is now correctly calculated and updated when attached panels or parent elements resize
  • decreaseValue and increaseValue methods in ListScroller are changed to to prevItem, nextItem
  • When TreeView is in virtual mode, the item width is now correctly set
  • Other minor bug fixes


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