IntegralUI Web

Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue

Current Version
IntegralUI Web is a suite of advanced user interface components that you can use in Angular, React, Vue or any other JavaScript framework.

06 December 2022version 22.4

What's New
  • New component: DropDownFilter that allows you to add a dropdown list with different filter operations
  • TabStrip can now align tabs to appear on top-left, middle or bottom-right side
  • Tabs can have vertical orientation
  • TabStrip can show tabs in multiple lines
  • TabStrip auto-updates its layout on dynamic resize
  • Tabs in different colors with option to set animated inline styles
  • TreeView items can accept inline styles for each state: disabled, normal, hovered or selected
  • Change of item appearance in TreeView on demand using custom styles
  • TreeView with auto-size ability where tree structure is shown on full without virtualization
  • Option to add radio buttons to TreeView
  • New samples for TabStrip and TreeView components
  • Fixed the issue with disappearance of scroll buttons when scroll mode is changed in TabStrip
  • Fixed the issue with updating the layout of ProgressBar component when included as child of other web components
  • Selected Tab on Left, Right and Bottom placement border is now correctly shown without a line
  • When TabStrip Animation is None, the tab content is now appearing correctly
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Roadmap 2023
    • New and improved Drag Drop in most components with animations
    • Tabbed Windows
    • Multi-column sorting in Grid, PivotGrid and TreeGrid components
    • Option to merge grid cells
    • Improved animations for all components, with smooth transitions between different states
    • New themes: Shadow, Translucent


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