IntegralUI Web

Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue

Current Version
IntegralUI Web is a suite of advanced user interface components that you can use in Angular, React, Vue or any other JavaScript framework.

07 December 2021version 21.4

What's New
  • Built-in Inline Filter in Grid and TreeGrid for Date, Numeric and String values
  • Built-in Inline Editor for Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Breadrumb now updates its content automatically when size changes
  • Change components CSS styles on demand from code
  • Loading icon for all data components
  • Option to prevent update of component layout
  • Custom item templates for TreeList
  • Option to add items as separators to TreeList component
  • Option to customize the drag and drop functionality with wait and resolve methods in data components
  • Option to select a date using keyboard in DatePicker
  • Option to change item or row visibility on demand in data components
  • AutoComplete header now contains a clear selection button
  • Export to JSON now supports exporting specific objects from data components
  • Changes to check value of parent and child items in TreeView is now updated automatically whenever tree layout updates
  • Fixed the locales settings not appearing for Calendar in DatePicker
  • Fixed the issue with resizing of Columns in Grid components when view is horizontally scrolled
  • Fixed the issues with appearance of resize cursor for columns when view is scrolled
  • Fixed the issue that prevented change of cell value from a droplist editor
  • Appearance of previously hovered tab is now correctly reset when a new tab is selected
  • Fixed the issue with that sorts the grid on column click when column is also resizing
  • Pressing down key in Autocomplete to open the dropdown list no longer scrolls the page
  • Editor Text is now correctly updated when using Midnight Themes
  • Click on Breadcrumb item (not the arrow), now sets that item as selected
  • When drag drop between two TreeViews, hovering over items in the first tree view now works after drop
  • If column is fixed, the resize cursor no longer appears
  • Context Menu style is now applied also to submenus
  • Other minor bug fixes
Roadmap 2022
  • New components: Card, RadialMenu, Layout, Floating and Docking Manager
  • Custom grouping in data components
  • Option to merge grid cells
  • Improved animations
  • New themes


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