Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI Web

Native Angular and AngularJS UI Components

December 18, 201818.4

IntegralUI Web is a library built on top of Angular framework. It consists of 30+ user interface components, directives and services that can help you build modern web applications.

What's New

  • New components: Calendar and DatePicker
  • Grid and TreeGrid components have built-in editors for: Boolean, Date, Image, List, Numeric, Progress, Rating and Text values
  • Option to select a different editor for each column cells
  • Cell editors are fully customizable via CSS
  • Components now have built-in animations during hovering or selection
  • All components now have a property that determines whether animations are enabled or not
  • New events: cellValueChanging and cellValueChanged, fired when cell value changes
  • A getClientPos method is added to CommonService, which returns the mouse position in client coordinates based on specified element
  • New and updated samples
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • Changes to the value property when common component is disabled is no longer applied
  • Fixed the issue that caused columnClick event to fire twice when column is clicked in Grid and TreeGrid components
  • When mouse cursor is moved from side of column border over rows, it no longer remains as resize cursor
  • Fixed the issue with MultiExtended selection in Grid and TreeGrid that caused deselection when SHIFT key is pressed
  • When moving an item from one TreeView to another with drag drop, the drop marker from the first tree view is now correctly removed from the DOM
  • Drop mark now correctly appears over the first row during drag drop operation
  • Fixed the issue that caused changes to the sorting order twice, when column header is clicked
  • Themes are updated to reflect component changes
  • Other minor bug fixes

Roadmap 2019 Q1 - Q2

  • New components:
       AutoComplete, BreadCrumb, Popover and Toolbar
  • Improved overall performance of Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Compact view for TreeView component
  • New and improved animations
  • New themes
  • New component: PivotGrid
  • Fixed columns in Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Multi-level headers


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