IntegralUI Web

Native Web Components for Angular, React and Vue

Current Version
IntegralUI Web is a suite of advanced user interface components that you can use in Angular, React, Vue or any other JavaScript framework.

06 September 2022version 22.3

What's New
  • New component: SplitImage - allows you to visually compare differences between two images or custom HTML elements
  • SlideBar component now has two display modes: Stream and Carousel
  • Mouse Wheel has five speeds in Grid, TreeGrid and PivotGrid components: VerySlow, Slow, Normal, Fast and Veryfast
  • Horizontal Scrolling is now available when Shift is pressed and Mouse Wheel is in use
  • loadData method in Grid and TreeGrid now have option to load columns and rows at the same time
  • loadData method now supports incremental data loading
  • Export data from TreeList and Breadcrumb as tree hierarchy or flat list in JSON format
  • ProgressBar has an option to show or hide a label displaying its current value
  • The type of editor and its settings used in Grid and TreeGrid columns is now also determined from parent column
  • List component has option to add items as separators
  • z-index as custom property is now available for all components
  • New CSS Custom Properties for Grid, TreeGrid and PivotGrid
  • Text editor in Grid cells now occupies the cell space in whole
  • TreeList component now has an option to scroll to specific item
  • Improved dynamic styling for all components
  • Option to prevent resizing of WIndow component
  • Internal reference to Button element is now correctly applied when component is refreshed
  • Animations for Radio buttons in Grid and TreeGrid cells are now suppressed during scrolling
  • DropDown list when shown near grid bottom now opens upwards
  • When DropDown Calendar or List appears the page is no longer scrolled back to the top
  • Losing the input focus on DatePicker when changing dates with a keyboard is prevented
  • Fixed the issue that caused DropDown editors (Calendar, DropDownList) and Text editor, they now appear when using touch
  • Fixed the flickering issue in TreeList caused by Office theme during selection and hovering
  • Fixed Auto-Expanding in TreeView when dragging item from one treeview to another
  • Swap icon now correctly appears in Dark style for SplitContainer
  • Using mouse wheel to scroll to the end now correctly updates the scroll thumb position
  • The label of Radio button is now correctly aligned relative to the button box
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Roadmap 2022
    • New and improved Drag Drop in most components with animations
    • Tabbed Windows
    • Multi-column sorting in Grid, PivotGrid and TreeGrid components
    • Option to merge grid cells
    • Improved animations for all components, with smooth transitions between different states
    • New themes: Shadow, Translucent


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