Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI Web

Native Angular and AngularJS UI Components

March 26, 201919.1

IntegralUI Web is a library built on top of Angular framework. It consists of 35+ user interface components, directives and services that can help you build modern web applications.

What's New

  • New components:
    • AutoComplete - represents a text box with a dropdown list where you can choose among suggested options
    • Breadcrumb - used for navigation, where each item can have a link that is automatically separated
    • Popover - displays custom HTML content over specified element
    • Toolbar - displays a collection of different tool items and editors in one line
  • Compact Mode in TreeView, displays limited set of tree hierarchy based on selected item
  • Improved overall performance of Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Option to disable editing from built-in editor in specific cell
  • Option to show or hide cell editor on demand
  • Item spacing is now available in ListView
  • New and updated samples
  • ----------------------------------------------------
  • CSS settings for editors are now moved in separate style sheet
  • Fixed the issue that incorrectly changes the rating values when division is larger than 1 in Rating component
  • cellValueChanged event for TextBox now includes the original text
  • TextBox editor with padding set, no longer causes cropping of the right border in the grid cell
  • When editor becomes active, the row is auto-selected in Grid and TreeGrid
  • mousewheel in ListView with horizontal layout now also works when virtual mode is not used
  • TabStrip layout is now correctly updated on parent resize
  • tabOrderChanged event now correctly includes the tab object
  • Fixed the issue that caused the Filter panel in Grid sample to remain open when clicked outside its space
  • Fixed the issue that causes resize cursor in grids to remain visible after mouse button is released over rows
  • cellvalueChanging event now correctly carries the new value
  • The mousedown event is now suspended from bubbling up, when item is selected from dropdown list in ComboBox
  • Other minor bug fixes

Roadmap 2019

  • New components: ColorPicker, PivotGrid
  • Fixed columns in Grid and TreeGrid components
  • Grid with multi-level headers
  • Improved animations
  • New themes


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