Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI ListView for .NET WinForms

Rich hierarchical data visualization control

To demonstrate the possibilities and features implemented in IntegralUI ListView, you can download and test the following sample applications. Each sample is provided as a stand alone executable so it can be easily downloaded and tested. All samples are included with our products and are provided with complete source code. Each sample comes in two versions, C# and VB.NET.

Sample applications Size Download

AutoSize Column Width in ListView

Shows how to resize column width automatically to fit its content in ListView .NET. Click on column header edge to autofit its width or use autosize methods from code. 572 KB Download Sample - AutoSIze Columns in ListView

Add Expandable Groups

An example showing how to create and add groups that can expand and collapse in ListView .NET control. 592 KB Download Sample

Load/Save Partial Data to XML files

An example on how to read and write partial data or a subset of items to XML files using built-in serialization techniques. 572 KB Download Sample

Increase Space Between Columns

An example showing how to increase space between columns in ListView .NET control, and how to adjust the column width to fill remaining area. 574 KB Download Sample

Add Image to Column Header

An example showing how to add or display a custom image to column header and align it to the right side before or after header text. 579 KB Download Sample

Column Alignment

An example showing how to set horizontal alignment of column text, subitems, header and footer in ListView .NET control. Also presents how to align text for single subitem. 574 KB Download Sample

Create Custom Sort Operation

Provides information how to create custom sort operation in ListView .NET control. A class from ICompare interface is created which compares DateTime values for specific column and sort items depending on current sort order. 485 KB Download Sample

Columns with Fixed Width

An example on how to fix column width and how to make some columns locked to the left or right side. 572 KB Download Sample

ListView with Transparent Background

Learn how to set partial or full transparency to background of columns, items and subitems in ListView .NET control. 603 KB Download Sample

Items with Different Color

Learn how to display items in different colors in ListView .NET control. Even/odd rows show in alternate colors. 574 KB Download Sample