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Occurs when drag-drop operation completes and item is dropped in ListBox space.

Event Data

eObjectAn event object which contains data about drag-drop operation


The following objects are carried with this event:

  • action - specifies whether item is moved or copied
  • cancel - determines whether drag drop is cancelled
  • dragItem - specifies an item(s) that is dragged
  • dropPos - specifies position at which dragged item can drop
    • 1 - item will drop above target item
    • 2 - item will drop below target item
    • -1 - item will drop at the end of item collection of target component
  • event - general HTML5 drag drop event data settings
  • isDropAllowed - determines whether item can drop
  • mousePos - position of mouse cursor in page coordinates
  • sourceCtrl - a reference to a component from which drag drop operation has started
  • targetCtrl - a reference to a component over which dragged item is dropped
  • targetItem - specifies the item over which dragged item is positioned or dropped

For cancellation, set the cancel field from event data to true.

Version Information

Supported in: v1.0.

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