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moveFocusFromItem(item, direction)

(Inherited from IntegralUIBaseList)

Moves the input focus from specified item to another item depending on direction.


itemObjectThe item to be cloned
directionStringDirection to move the focus to

Return Value

If successful, an item object that has the input focus, otherwise null.


The following values are acceptable for the direction parameter:

  • 'down' - moves the focus to one item down
  • 'end' - moves the focus to the last item
  • 'home' - moves the focus to the first item
  • 'pagedown' - moves one view down
  • 'pageup' - moves one view up
  • 'up' - moves the focus to one item up

You can use this method to navigate through items from code.

Version Information

Supported in: v1.2.