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IntegralUITreeView Properties

A list of properties in IntegralUI TreeView component.


  • allowDrag
  • Gets or sets a value indicating whether items from TreeView can be dragged
  • allowDrop
  • Gets or sets a value indicating whether the TreeView can accept data during drag&drop
  • allowFilter
  • Gets or sets a value indicating whether filter is active
  • allowFocus
  • Gets or sets a value indicating whether keyboard focus is allowed
  • appRef
  • Holds a reference to application view
  • autoExpand
  • Determines whether the target item during drag drop automatically expands.
  • controlStyle
  • Specifies an object that contains all style settings for the TreeView
  • data
  • Specifies an object that holds data related to the component
  • dataFields
  • Specifies data fields that match the data in local data source
  • enabled
  • Determines whether the TreeView is enabled or disabled
  • focusedItem
  • Gets or sets the item that has the input focus
  • indent
  • Gets or sets the distance to indent each of the child tree items levels
  • itemDisplay
  • Specifies whether the item space is displayed partially or in full
  • items
  • Gets the collection of tree items that are assigned to the TreeView
  • mouseWheelSpeed
  • Specifies the speed of the mouse wheel by which TreeView is scrolled
  • name
  • Uniquely identifies the component
  • selectedItem
  • an object that points to the currently selected item
  • selectionMode
  • Specifies the selection type: none, single or multiple
  • showExpandBox
  • Determines whether expand box is visible or not for all items
  • showScroll
  • Specifies whether the horizontal, vertical or both scrollbars are visible or not
  • size
  • Gets or sets the width and height of the TreeView in pixels from code
  • sorting
  • Gets or sets the sort order which items are sorted
  • state
  • Provides information about the current state of the TreeView: disabled, hovered, etc.
  • virtualMode
  • Gets or sets a value indicating whether virtualization is active