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IntegralUI Grid and TreeGrid

Cell Templates in AngularJS Grid
  • Supports use of templates to add custom content in each grid cell
  • Option to add any HTML element or AngularJS directive in each cell
  • Arrange custom elements in different layouts
IntegralUI Tree Grid for AngularJS
  • High performance during data load and update
  • Can work with huge data sets without pagination
  • Load data on demand from local or remote data source
Grouping in AngularJS Grid
  • Allows you to dynamically create group fields in Grid directive
  • Arrange rows in different groups during run-time
Pagination in Tree Grid for AngularJS
  • Divide large data sets in multiple pages
  • Pagination controls are fully customizable
  • Option to specify the page size
AngularJS Tree Grid Drag Drop to TreeView
  • Advanced Drag Drop operation within the same TreeGrid and between other controls, like TreeView
  • Option to handle multiple events during drag drop operations
  • Column reordering available
AngularJS Tree Grid with Custom Appearance - Dark Colors
  • Appearance is fully customizable using built-in or custom CSS classes
  • Each column, row and cell have individual styles
Highlight Rows in AngularJS Tree Grid
  • Different ways to highlight rows, by using checkboxes or selection
  • Each row can have a different background color
  • Multiple selection supported
Filter Templates for Columns in AngularJS Tree Grid
  • Advanced filtering, with options to create custom filter operations
  • Each column can have a different filter template
  • Multiple ways to filter the grid data
DropDown List as Cell Editor in AngularJS Tree Grid
  • Multiple editors for cells: checkbox, drop-down list or text editor
  • All editors are fully customizable, using different CSS styles
  • Option to create custom editors using templates
Add Context Menu to Column, Rows or Cells in AngularJS Tree Grid
  • Each column, row or cell can have a different context menu
  • Dynamically change the content of context menus
AngularJS Tree Grid Showing Even / Odd Rows
  • Fully customizable appearance with custom styles
  • Dynamically change the appearance by setting custom styles through code
  • Rows can become disabled
AngularJS Tree Grid Sorting
  • Advanced sorting, with option to create custom sorting operations
  • Sort grid data in ascending or descending order using string, numeric or custom values