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IntegralUI.Menu Methods

A list of methods in IntegralUI Menu directive.


  • addItem
  • Adds a new item
  • beginLoad
  • Enables change of the expand box image with an animated gif
  • clearItems
  • Removes all items
  • closeMenu
  • Closes the opened submenu for specified menu item
  • endLoad
  • Disables changes of the expand box image and returns its default appearance
  • exportToJSON
  • Exports the whole tree structure as tree or flat list in JSON format
  • findItemById
  • Searches for an item using specified id
  • findItemByText
  • Searches for an item using specified text
  • getList
  • Returns a list of all items
  • insertItemAfter
  • Inserts a new item after specified item
  • insertItemAt
  • Inserts a new item at specified position
  • insertItemBefore
  • Inserts a new item before specified item
  • loadData
  • Populates the Menu content using local or remote data source
  • openMenu
  • Opens a submenu for specified menu item
  • refresh
  • Applies the control styles and updates the appearance of the Menu
  • removeItem
  • Removes the specified item
  • removeItemAt
  • Removes an item at specified position
  • resumeLayout
  • Resumes the Menu layout and updates it, internally calls the updateLayout method
  • suspendLayout
  • Suspends the Menu layout from any updates
  • updateLayout
  • Updates the Menu layout