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Custom AngularJS and jQuery UI Components

November 22, 2016v3.2

What's New

  • Auto-Size option that allows you to use the browser or parent container scrollbar to scroll the TreeView or Grid content
  • Fast vertical scrolling in Grids with large data sets
  • Setting groups in Grid from code
  • Fixed Rows and Items on Top and Bottom Side
  • Improved overall performance
  • Option to show/hide check box for items
  • Speed levels for mouse-wheel: veryfast, fast, normal, slow and veryslow
  • Option to change appearance of fixed rows or items using custom CSS styles
  • Fast hovering over rows when grid has huge size
  • New properties: autoSize, displayMode, groups, mouseWheelSpeed
  • New events: clearGroups, groupAdding, groupAdded, groupChange, groupRemoving, groupRemoved
  • New methods: addGroup, insertGroupAt, insertGroupAfter, insertGroupBefore, clearGroups, removeGroup, removeGroupAt

What's Fixed

  • Fixed the issue that prevents selection of an item or row when clicked twice without holding CTRL or SHIFT key
  • In multi-extended selection mode, now selectedItems and selectedRows return a correct list of selected items and rows, when they are selected without holding CTRL or SHIFT key
  • During filtering row with hasChildren set to true no longer shows expand box, when there are no visible child rows
  • selectionChanged event now fires whenever selected items or rows are changed
  • Other minor bug fixes

Roadmap 2016 Q4 - 2017 Q1

Native Angular 2 Components

Q4 2016 - Q1 2017

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