Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI Web

Native Angular 4 and AngularJS UI Components

Native Angular Components

AOT supported

High Performance

Fast Data Loading

Tabbed User Interface

Featuring 20+ Advanced UI Components for Angular 2 and AngularJS Frameworks
Accordion Grid ListView SlideBar Tooltip
ComboBox GroupBox Menu SplitContainer TreeGrid
ContextMenu ListBar Paginator Splitter TreeList
Frame ListBox Range TabStrip TreeView

Why Choose?

Enhance your Web Applications with Modern UI Components

IntegralUI Studio includes advanced UI components which comes with many features like fully customizable appearance, improved drag and drop functionality, animations, themes and much more.

Improve Productivity with High Performance Components

Maintain high performance with fast data loading and updating, both local and remote data binding is supported. Load data from HTML5 code, JSON, or JavaScript objects.

Cut Your Development Costs

Most of the features you may need in your web application are already built-in. All components are reusable and easily extensible. Check out our complete feature list for each component from link below.

Source Code is Available

You can add your own changes to each component appearance and behavior by modifying the source code. You only need to purchase at least
1 Enterprise Developer License, and you can aquire the source code blueprint license.

Link to Studio Feature List

Fast and Dedicated support

Don't hesitate to contact our support team. Your questions will be answered promptly and you will receive solution ASAP, no matter how difficult the problem is.

We want to thank you guys for providing an excellent set of Web UI controls. We develop an enterprise software product that requires a high-level of UI polish, and we needed Tree and Grid controls. We specifically needed a rich feature set, AngularJS support, API-level integration, stability, and most importantly that high level of UI polish.

We investigated at least a dozen different vendors before deciding on Lidor Systems, and we couldn't be happier with the decision! The product has met our technical needs, but even more importantly, the support has been phenomenal. Clear, concise answers with fantastic turnaround times. We highly recommend these controls to anyone with similar requirements to ours.

Barry Sohl

CEO & Co-Founder

Apophany, LLC