Advanced User Interface Controls and Components

IntegralUI Studio for .NET WinForms

Rich User Interface Controls and Components

February 03, 2015v2014

What's New

  • Flat theme
  • Option to show ExpandBox only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space
  • Each column header now can display multiple command buttons: drop-down, context menu, etc.
  • LockedImage property for ExpandBoxStyle to enable changing the image of expand box when node is locked
  • Option to show ScrollBar only when control is focused or mouse cursor hovers over its space
  • Mouse-Wheel now handles horizontal scrolling when only horizontal scrollbar is visible
  • Option to set position of tooltips in TabControl relative to tab position

What's Fixed

  • Expanded nodes set during design-time remain open when app is started
  • Pressing the ENTER key now can be handled outside ListView control
  • Indent now accepts negative values and allows aligning of child nodes with root nodes
  • The problem which causes a change in tab header appearance when SplitContainer collapsed is now fixed
  • Closing a project while TabControl is present on the Form no longer closes an error to be thrown
  • Hovering over tabs in tab strip no longer causes high CPU usage
  • Clicking on Swap button with multiple tabs present, now correctly selects tabs that are currently opened
  • Other minor bugs

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