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IntegralUI TabControl for .NET WinForms

Feature Rich Tabbed User Interface

February 03, 2015version 3.1

What's New

  • Flat theme
  • Option to set position of tooltips relative to tab position
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • TabControl with nested tabs, child tabs are shown under parent tab
  • Serialization of styles is now available
  • Option to align tabs to left, center or right side
  • Tooltips for command buttons
  • Each tab can have a toltip
  • Nested child tabs can have different shape than their parents
  • Option to create tree hierarchy of tabs in TabControl, durign design time
  • Accelerated scrolling, when scrolling among many tabs the scrolling speed increases
  • TagString for TabPages

What's Fixed

  • Closing a project while TabControl is present on the Form no longer closes an error to be thrown
  • Hovering over tabs in tab strip no longer causes high CPU usage
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The size attribute of font tag now can accept decimal values
  • A default event is added
  • Child tab pages are not visible in Designer although the Expanded property for parent tab is true
  • An empty image is added when a new command button is created
  • The Key attribute in TabStripButtonClicked event is now carried from the command button clicked
  • Command buttons with Visible property set to false remain hidden
  • Tabs under XP Themed are now showing border in normal state under Windows 7
  • The TabControl is redrawed and the focus frame is hidden when tab no longer has focus
  • MaxTextSize works for tabs with longer text
  • MaxTextSize now works in justified display mode
  • Drawing of tabs while mouse cursor no longer hovers over them is now fixed
  • Changes to the Font in ToolItemFormatStyle is applied to ToolLabel
  • During scroll of tab pages the line below selected tab is drawn correctly
  • Navigation among disabled tabs using keyboard is now fixed
  • Using the Insert method to add tab pages with content from code, is now fixed
  • Other minor bugs

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